Software Advisory Services

Our Software Advisors help you make informed decisions by creating a model for EA evaluation. Your unique business goals and strategy. Current challenges. Planned technology initiatives. Financial implications.

Confidently enter software agreements rightsized for your business needs.

Secure the most appropriate, pricing-protected contract structure for the products most critical to your organization.

Increase purchasing power by pooling software needs across departments.

Customize the scope of our Adoption Services to accelerate software utilization.

Reduce OEM overlap in spend from bundled software purchases.

What we do

Extend software strategies to hardware-focused technologies.

While many businesses have a team tasked with developing and executing software licensing strategies, it’s unlikely that OEMs with a more traditional hardware focus (and even some legacy software OEMs) fall within this team’s standard purview.

Our Software Advisors have deep expertise across such OEMs. We augment your software strategies by addressing EA-related considerations. Creating licensing scenarios that inform your EA decision-making. Enabling a holistic view of your software licensing options. Whether you end up purchasing through an EA or other vehicle.

How we help

Neutral guidance from a trusted advisor

Our value relies on providing vendor-neutral support in enabling insights and improving decision-making. We combine our OEM expertise with a commitment to supporting you as an independent third party in all engagements.

Business use case development

EA use cases that support your IT and business strategies. Factors that influence business case development include your:

  • Current technology commitments.
  • Historical approach to asset procurement.
  • Existing technology initiatives and projects likely to impact consumption.

Strong business case built. Current strategy assessed. Your teams aligned behind a technology roadmap. All related financial considerations analyzed.

Planning for the future

To better understand predictable and incremental cost factors, we also take into account your future plans. For example, if you’re planning to deploy 2,000 licenses over the next two years, but only want to deploy 1,000 in year one, it wouldn’t benefit you to start your EA with 2,000 licenses.