Service Delivery Management

Optimizing projects
Accelerating outcomes

Reducing risk. Maximizing business value. Enabling innovation.

We produce more predictable outcomes by using comprehensive, flexible and customizable methodologies.

We deliver services more efficiently using the right framework for your business.

We enable business agility by uniting your teams behind a shared strategy and vision.

We optimize total cost to outcome by working with program management experts dedicated to integrating complex solutions.

We give you access to insights across technology domains and OEMs, with support from our extensive ecosystem of consulting and engineering experts.

The TBX difference

The high-level strategy of a consulting firm. The proven ability to deploy, integrate, operate and manage complex technology solutions at scale, around the world. Unique combination. Unmatched customer benefits.

Services architecture

Optimizing your services architecture across the IT spectrum, our. Advanced Services accelerate time to market with seamless global deployment. Our IT Managed Services monitor, manage and remediate existing networks. Our Strategic Resourcing hires the right talent to close skills gaps. And everything’s underpinned by 24/7 live support from our Command Center.

Strategy, governance and execution

We understand the cost of rigidity. We work with you to identify the best approach to achieve your desired outcomes. We mitigate risks. We pivot with you as your business changes.

Who we are

One team. One vision. One outcome. Our Service Delivery Management professionals are carefully selected based on their industry knowledge and ability to orchestrate people, processes and technology.

Our focus is always on adding more value to you and elevating customer experience. As the top partner for the world’s leading OEMs, we deliver an iterative and flexible support model that incorporates your organization’s unique requirements and culture.

With thousands of successful global solutions delivered each year, our Service Delivery Management teams maximize your investment.

Scalable, innovative, relevant solutions

Accelerate alignment, execution and delivery. Whatever the size of your project or program. Our flexible services are lasered in on speeding your goal attainment. Project management expertise. Quality assurance. Continuous improvement. Risk and portfolio management. Training and innovation enablement.

For enterprise customers, our Strategic Program Management can consolidate your business under the oversight of a Program Director or Program Manager. We manage everything. Work order tracking. Project manager oversight. Transparent monthly reporting. Identifying and reviewing the interdependencies of concurrent projects. One point of contact for financial, contractual, technical and program health questions. Throughout your engagement.

For smaller-scale projects, PMO as a Service (PMOaaS) allows you to leverage ad hoc our deep bench of experienced project managers. We use the same toolbox of flexible methodologies for each project, no matter the size.

How we deliver

Flexible methodologies. Proactive planning and enablement. The growing complexities and interdependencies between business and IT have raised the stakes for service delivery management. Without a flexible approach, companies pursuing digital transformation risk failure. Service providers who exclusively rely on traditional delivery methodologies can become disconnected from business planning. Those who are forever chasing the newest methodology risk overlooking proven practices that generate meaningful value.

Our adaptable delivery approach combines the best of both worlds. We blend proprietary tools and methodologies with industry standards from the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), Six Sigma, and leading agile and waterfall development delivery schools.

Delivery methodology customized to your needs for each engagement. Extensive experience managing multisite, complex IT deployments. A phased approach that consistently produces successful outcomes.

Proven results across industries

We’ve helped customers in some of the most complex regulatory and security environments accelerate outcomes. Optimizing how IT programs and projects are delivered. We can help solve your industry’s unique challenges.