Patient Experience

Convenient access to care

Outdated models of care delivery involving phone calls, prolonged wait times and limited access hours are no longer acceptable. Patients want convenient care options available 24/7. Health systems that are investing in on-demand, digital care solutions are seeing an increase in patient retention and growth.

We help our healthcare partners implement virtual care tools, like interactive FAQs and AI chatbots, that triage patient needs from their phones, tablets or computers. We also optimize virtual care solutions that allow patients to conveniently receive urgent or scheduled care from the convenience of home. Asynchronous telehealth visits. Real-time synchronous video visits.

Self-service tools

Paying a bill from a laptop. Depositing a check through a mobile app. People gravitate toward businesses that enable them to complete tasks easily and on their own schedule. Patients are people. They want their health system to provide user-friendly digital tools for navigating their care journey.

We can help you build convenient web and mobile tools. Dynamic appointment scheduling. Online bill-pay. Secure messaging. Online registration. Digital check-in. Streamlined digital experiences which patients can access in one place, without needing to open different apps.

Personalized, proactive care

Traditional healthcare operates under a predominantly reactive model, with care provided after a patient experiences a sign or symptom of illness or complication.

We don’t do tradition. We can help you implement proactive care models. Electronic health data. Remote monitoring and device data. Patient-reported data. Not only can you identify risks and gaps in care, but you can also respond immediately with automated, digital outreach. We design and deploy custom digital solutions for real-time patient engagement. Enhancing the patient experience. Improving the cost and quality of care. Empowering patients to be full partners in their health.