IT Managed Services

Conventional IT managed services models can lock you into long-term commitments and out of your environment. We’re different.

Custom solutions designed to give you freedom and flexibility. Rooted in best practices, industry standards and decades of enterprise delivery experience. We built our IT managed services platform from the ground up to monitor, manage and remediate technology issues.

What you gain

  • Modernized infrastructure and reduced costs with managed services built to scale with your business.
  • Time and money savings by freeing IT staff to focus on business challenges instead of manual tasks such as code upgrades, patching, troubleshooting, runbook operation and incident management.
  • Increased agility and market responsiveness with flexible service plans that pivot when you do.
  • Insight access and innovation acceleration with a managed services platform driven by AI/ML.
  • Improved issues triage by leveraging analytics to anticipate future problems.
  • Minimized risk of downtime with 24/7/365 AI/ML-powered monitoring in real time from our Command Center.
  • Future problems anticipated and remediation speeded up with advanced analytics supported by decades of hands-on experience.
  • Filled operational skillset gaps, with expert services management from our Strategic Resourcing team.

Freedom and flexibility with our Managed Services platform

Every service tier designed to exceed industry standards. Levels of engagement to match your desired support structure. Choose from aid-only assistance where we execute runbooks, track incidents and escalations, through comprehensive managed solutions that drive operational transformation.

Customizable experiences that evolve with your business needs. Avoid services lock-in by shifting your spend with us annually. Access a range of complementary services to accelerate your specific digital journey.

Advantageous financial options

A range of financial mechanisms for consuming our services.,OpEx. CapEx. Hybrid models that involve hardware, licensing, staging, advanced deployment, managed services, services management and other value-add services.

Business-driving innovation

Our platform transforms service delivery through productivity enhancements driven by AI/ML and deep-domain learning. We continually invest in disruptive tools. Enabling contextual collaboration. Creating unrivaled customer experiences. Lowering total cost of ownership.

Your faster route to market

Our Advanced Technology Center (ATC) is like no other testing and research lab. A collaborative ecosystem for designing, building, educating, demoing and deploying innovative technology products and integrated architectural solutions. Available to our customers, partners and employees. At the ATC, amazing happens.

Prior to engaging us for managed services, you can accelerate technology decision-making and improve ROI by leveraging the ATC. Validate patching, code upgrades and troubleshooting before release. After testing and deployment, our Managed Services team will monitor, manage and remediate your investment.

What you gain

  • Alignment with your key business outcomes.
  • Seamless transition.
  • World-class customer support.
  • Robust services catalog.
  • Quarterly performance review.