Hyper-converged Infrastructure

Seamlessly integrate compute, storage, networking and virtualization technologies. End users gain a unified scale-out platform.

Hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) and converged infrastructure (CI) group compute, storage, network and infrastructure management software into one optimized platform. Streamline systems. Reduce costs. Accelerate deployments. Increase resource utilization.

Familiarizing yourself with the differences between converged infrastructure and HCI? Need an environment to quickly compare and test solutions? Want help migrating data and applications to your platform? Wherever you are in your convergence journey, we accelerate your arrival at where you want to be.

Here’s how.



Enhance scalability and resilience. Increase speed-to-market. Reduce time-to-value. Even lower costs. We can show you how to transform your datacenter infrastructure to achieve it all.


Armed with an understanding of the different market solutions, you can leverage our ATC’s lab environment to demo the latest hardware and software. Test different products in a proof of concept. Get our expert advice on your optimal solution.


Speed hardware deployments. Reduce installation risks and complexity. Enhance the overall performance and visibility of your datacenter infrastructure. Our global network of Integration Centers makes it all happen. We can also enable you to seamlessly migrate data workloads and applications to your converged platform.


Once your converged solution has time to mature, our compute and infrastructure teams are ready to add more value. Ongoing sales enablement. Tailored workshops. Advanced training. We help you harness the additional benefits that HCI/CI can offer over time.