Command Center

Streamline installation
Reduce risk
Improve outcomes

This virtual platform features on-call engineers, architects, consultants, labs, testing environments, technology partners and automations. Live support streamlines installations, reduces risk and improves implementation outcomes.

Our vast range of network and data center modernization services includes:

  • Inventory assessments.
  • Network infrastructure assessments.
  • Alternative architecture evaluations.
  • Planning and modeling engagements for complex environment transformations.

Firm fixed. T&E. SKU-based. Whatever your next deployment project or program, realize exceptional value with our key differentiators:

  • 15-minute SLA with on-call engineering resources that provide real-time delivery support with a personal touch.
  • 99% customer success rate rooted in decades of service projects and programs to avoid the risk of brand damage from missed sites.
  • Industry-leading certified architects skilled in your solution and familiar with your deployment needs. From design through deployment and remediation, TBX can own 100% of the journey.
  • Global systems integration from a leading partner with the top OEMs. Our expertise spans all major technology areas and we deliver the solution that is right solution for you, regardless of brand name.
  • True integration insurance covering all our cuts, from edge to architecture. If we miss, you don’t pay.

What to expect


Our experts work closely with your teams to define and meet business objectives and desired outcomes.


Our architects and consultants support broad engagements, beginning with discovery and assessments then moving through full modernization efforts.

Proven methodology

Each engagement is thoroughly vetted by tiers of architectural experts for quality assurance. We use leading governance methods, including ITILv4 and ISM 2000.

Best practices

We’ve established best practices for:

  • OEM bug tracking and notification
  • Administrative management
  • Implementation and cutover
  • Global deployment creation and management
  • Standardized deployment documents
  • Go/no-go calls for reviewing all configurations before deployment
  • Automated incident alerts

Live support

Our delivery teams are backed by on-call engineering support 24x7x365, available within a 15-minute SLA.


As part of our holistic process, we identify all infrastructure assets and weaknesses, then provide expert recommendations for improvement.


Until completion of network transformation or data center migration, you get detailed reports covering all engagement activities, schedules and runbooks.


The highest levels of service quality.


Projects executed perfectly. First time. You save time. You save money. You realize desired business outcomes. Fast.