Analytics and AI consulting

Data alone is not knowledge. TBX Analytics and AI advisors make sense of the volumes of information your company stores. Decades of collective data science experience. State-of-the-art tools, technologies and techniques. We identify patterns and trends hidden in plain sight.

You gain the meaningful analysis and insights needed to make better decisions about when and where to allocate resources and focus efforts.

Data strategy and governance

You can’t leverage the power of your data unless you organize and manage it in a reliable, consumable and analyzable way. We guide you through the process of aggregating and collecting massive data sets. Then we help you build mature and sustainable data governance strategies. You’ll be able to manage data proactively and efficiently across your organization, while safeguarding it in a location where it can be consumed on demand.

Our services include:

  • Data analytics and AI technology optimization workshop
  • Policies, procedure, security, and compliance
  • Organizational roles and responsibilities
  • Data ingestion and transformation
  • Lifecycle management and data cataloging

AI and ML Ops

Our data science consultants are deeply versed in AI and ML technologies, platforms, tools and neural network formulation. Using ML Ops techniques, we can help your data science teams navigate this emerging landscape. Assess technologies and solutions. Select the right platforming and container strategies. Recognize appropriate opportunities to implement AI and ML for competitive advantage.

Our services include:

  • Deep learning optimization workshop
  • Technology evaluation/selection/integration
  • ML platforming, container strategy and governance for collaborative data science
  • Use case development for ML-deployed solutions, including computer vision, NLP and data science

Use case development and business results

Capture business objectives. Analyze current data maturity levels. Minimize the risk of poor-quality data. Optimize the value of your highest priority use cases (such as AI, ML or IoT). Our Analytics & AI advisors work hand-in-hand with you to make it all happen.

Our services include:

  • Data analytics and AI business impact workshop
  • Use case identification and prioritization
  • AI, ML and IoT