Advanced Services

Solving today. Anticipating tomorrow. We give sophisticated technology buyers certainty.

Our global delivery teams get you to market faster. We respond to your evolving demands through the strategic design and deployment of the latest IT advances.

The in-depth strategy of a consulting firm. The proven ability to execute complex infrastructure deployments around the world. No other services partner can compare.

What you gain

  • Accelerated planning, design and implementation of complex technology investments.
  • Transformation of custom multisite deployments into standard processes that can be replicated at any branch location.
  • Reduced installation risks with 24/7/365 live cutover support, including reach back to thousands of additional experts.
  • Minimized risks by streamlining implementation with our robust supply chain and global logistics capabilities.
    Increased business agility with project and program management teams who deliver on time, on budget and beyond expectations.
  • Time and money savings by partnering with the only top OEM partner committed to providing vendor-neutral solution guidance.

Our teams

Consultants. Engineers. Architects. Front end research, analysis, modeling and strategy development. Close collaboration with our service delivery teams to execute, deploy, integrate and operate complex solutions across technology domains around the globe.

The best customer service. Timely execution. Seamless delivery. Cost-effective solutions. 24/7/365 Command Center live support. Ongoing expertise pooling with thousands of technical experts. Robust PMO organization.

What we do

Deliver the right solutions at scale. The number one partner for many major OEMs, we have unrivaled access and insight into the latest emerging products and best practices. We integrate and deploy products and services from thousands of manufacturers, equipment vendors, distributors, channel partners, software publishers and consultants. Creating custom solutions that solve real business problems.

Our vendor-neutral approach puts your specific business needs above any one technology or OEM product.

Over a million devices installed to date. The scale to meet any demand.

How we do it

Site survey through installation Proven deployment methodologies structure every service delivery. Your ideas taken to successful outcomes. Providing a clear vision beyond the scope for every engagement.

Planning. Design. Implementation. Skilled engineers maintain certifications from major manufacturers. Meeting ongoing education requirements to ensure you always receive the latest and greatest insight into each operation and integration. From discovery and assessment, through identification of all relevant infrastructure assets and weaknesses, to improvement recommendations. At the end of each engagement, you’ll receive detailed reports that summarize all activities, schedules and runbooks.